Alpharetta, GA

Official Guide to Alpharetta GA: Tourism, Hotels, Real Estate, Shopping, Restaurants, and More
Saturday, May 28, 2016

Alpharetta Georgia

Alpharetta, GA, is a unique city because it has the friendly ambiance of a small Southern town yet it is only 20 miles northeast of Atlanta. Tourism is a significant source of revenue in Alpharetta because more than 100 local restaurants offer a wide variety of cuisines, hotel accommodations are readily available, and Alpharetta’s official city government policy is to encourage and develop sports, recreational and cultural resources for public enjoyment. Approximately 65,000 people reside in Alpharetta and 106,000 people travel to jobs at 3,600 different businesses each workday in Alpharetta.

Alpharetta’s city government encourages new business development

Through the Economic Development Division of the Community Development Department, Alpharetta’s city government encourages new business development in many ways. The Alpharetta Convention and Visitors Bureau is the official city government authority whose mission includes inviting corporations to hold meetings and conventions in Alpharetta, and facilitating new business ideas by distributing helpful information. Most businesses in Alpharetta employ less than 50 people and opportunities abound for entrepreneurs.

Alpharetta offers a rural lifestyle complete with all amenities

Families with children are attracted to Alpharetta because the public school system is excellent and its student achievement scores consistently rank among the highest in America. Alpharetta’s shopping centers provide an intriguing diversity of stores and medical care is readily available at local hospitals. The City of Alpharetta also sponsors many popular events such as art festivals and country fairs that have a traditional history of drawing the community together with a wide variety of fun and educational activities.

Homes are highly valued in Alpharetta. From 1980 through 2007, the number of housing units in Alpharetta increased from 1,116 to 20,427 and approximately 15,240 of Alpharetta’s housing units are single family homes. The eclectic mix of housing in Alpharetta includes neighborhoods where first time buyers can find affordable homes, new townhomes within walking distance of downtown Alpharetta, luxury homes on 5-10 acres of land, and master planned communities that offer special amenities to residents such as golf course privileges, tennis courts and swimming pools. Alpharetta’s friendly neighborhoods and its many prosperous businesses are responsible for generating Alpharetta’s reputation as one of the best places to live and work in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.

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